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DOYLE Introduction


Doyle Equipment is your "go-to" dealership in Michigan and across the country for timber equipment and parts. Known for his knowledge of equipment, John Doyle Sr. has been in the forestry business since 1957, first as a producer and trucker of forest products, and subsequently a respected dealer and repair shop operator.

John J. Doyle and Sons, Inc. and Doyle Equipment were built on trust, honesty, experience and hard work. John Doyle continues his forestry businesses, with the help of his family members and dedicated employees.

Selling as many as 200 machines a year in the early 1990s, new and experienced loggers always knew that John would offer them knowledgeable advice on the machinery needed for their individual application, regarding markets and support equipment. Tailor-made advice suits the returning customer, Doyle has found, and being there for the customer after the sale with parts and service has seen many loggers putting their trust in Doyle Equipment, and personally in John Doyle.

In his 54th year of doing business, it is Doyle's recognizable motto for Doyle Equipment...